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What IP address can be used if we have not idea about what type of IP is used on your router –, or another?

If you do not know what type of IP is used on your router – 192.168.l.l, or another – you can use the hint that the manufacturer left for users in the form of a sticker. You can find it on the body behind or below. As you know that the D-Link router uses login admin, the password is admin.

The page does not open for Login or Please guide.

Try another web browser. Often we have to deal with the fact that due to a malfunction or a crooked cache from a web browser, we cannot go to the router. Try cleaning the cache and cookies. It does not help – use another browser. As practice shows, the best way to access the settings of network devices through is suitable for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. You can also try to make an attempt to log in using secure browser mode.

How to check if the router is available on

To do this, you need to “ping” the device. Run the test command: ping

  • Press the button << Start >> and select the item << Execute >>. If you have Windows 8 or 8.1, you just need to press the win + r key combination.
  • In the opened window type the command: ping
  • You have a modem or a router with multiple LAN ports – try to include the cable in each of them in turn and start the ping.
  • If the router pings perfectly and without losses: go to step 3.

How to fix the issue of “unidentified network”?

You need to Connect Router the IP address in the network connection settings on the computer.

A list of all network connections opens. If one of them says “Unidentified network “, it means that the IP address was not assigned. It is because of this that you cannot get into the personal cabinet of the router.

  • You need to right-click on this connection and go to Properties.
  • Select the Internet Protocol version 4 mouse and click the Properties button again.
  • Here it is necessary to register the IP address of the computer in accordance with the typical settings of the routers of this brand. The IP address of the computer is ALWAYS different from the router’s IP address. The last digit in the IP address of the router in 99% of cases is 1.

What should I do if does not open (not available)?

  • One possible error may be a problem with the browser, if the device detects the connected router. You must install a different browser and repeat the menu entry action. If this does not help, you need to check the browser for viruses and unwanted extensions.
  • The next error, the antivirus blocking of the network address. It is solved by disabling the firewall (defender against unwanted network traffic) for a while, or by adding a network address to the list of secure sites. Standard Windows firewall is disabled in the following way: the control panel – the system and the security – the firewall – disabling the defender windows. It is worth noting that this error is very rare.

How to find out the login and password for the input

As mentioned above, the standard password and login is the word “admin”. Sometimes it can be a combination of words, where the login is admin, and the password is password. Most manufacturers point to the back side: the network address, the menu access data that is set by default.

What to do if the standard login / password (admin admin) does not match?

You need to check the layout and correctness of data entry, then try changing the browser or the device through which you are logged on. If all these actions do not help, then you have to reset the settings to standard settings. In the back of the device there is a hole, which with the help of something thin (a clip or a needle) must be clamped for 10 or more seconds. After that, everything will return to the factory settings and you can enter the menu.

How to set or change the password

So, after successfully logging into the menu, you need to find the Wireless-security section, here you need to choose WPA2-Personal protection and set the password that suits you, saving the changes.