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About The Firm

As a Seattle immigration lawyer, I am privileged to help change the lives of my clients for the better by uniting families and helping employers hire skilled global talent.  Immigration is what makes our country diverse, interesting, and forward thinking. I am in this business because I enjoy meeting people from different walks of life and being a global citizen.

For more than 30 years, I have worked hard and passionately for my clients. I have made long lasting relationships with many of my clients.   As an immigration attorney and a dream maker for my clients, I help people achieve their goals by expanding their opportunities in the USA through family unification, business and/or career development. We do this by helping our clients to obtain appropriate legal status so they can enjoy the short or long-term benefits of work, study, business, or careers, to build or be with their families, or find safety from persecution, abuse, or trafficking. During these difficult anti-immigrant times in our country, we immigration lawyers know that we are on the right side of history. Our clients deserve dignity, justice, fairness, and opportunity to build a better future in the USA.

To promote efficiency and easy access to the firm, we use a web-based portal called MyCase for exchanging documents and communicating. You can access this from a computer, phone or tablet. This enables us to reach out to a wider client base around the US and the world. Although most of our work is conducted remotely, for those clients without access to the internet or email, or who do not prefer our portal, we can still assist you in the traditional manner of in-person, phone and/or snail mail as needed.

Why hire the Law Office of Bonnie Stern Wasser?

Fundamentally, my clients are real people with real world challenges and opportunities, who deserve time, attention, respect, and to be treated with dignity. They deserve to thrive in their family, work and school lives, not just try to survive. Immigration and citizenship law is complex and fast changing. Many of our clients are fearful and anxious in the current anti-immigrant climate.  Even businesses are finding it harder to lawfully hire foreign workers. While Congress flounders, the current Administration has been very busy changing policies, issuing orders, many of which are the subject of legal challenges that have been enjoined by the courts. In the last few months, it has been a whirlwind of change, making navigating the laws much more difficult. But, that’s our job! With many years of experience in this area of law, I can be your beacon or guide to understanding these changes, while also helping you seek new opportunities in the USA or benefit from global talent.

At the same time, there is growth in the do-it-yourself and online bot/AI markets where making a mistake can have severe consequences resulting in split families, career disruption, financial loss, detention or jail, banishment, or even death.  As discussed elsewhere, it’s not just about the forms, but your eligibility, the quality and truthfulness or accuracy of supporting documents, and your oral testimony before various agencies. You might need instead an experienced advocate with expertise in this complex area of the law, and someone who does not just dabble in this niche area once in awhile.

Expertise: With 30+ years of legal experience navigating the complex twists and turns of immigration and citizenship laws, policy, and procedures, plus proven skills and a successful track record, you need experienced counsel that you can trust.

We Listen: I want to know your story, priorities, concerns, fears, and issues. I spend time learning about you and your business or family so that I can custom tailor a strategy just for you based on your facts and goals.

Peace of Mind:  U.S. immigration can be stressful and time consuming in many ways. Your matter is important and deserving of more than a high volume cookie-cutter service. The goal is to help solve your most difficult issues quickly and effectively so that you can get on with your life or business.

I Care about You and Your Legal Needs: The outcome of your case will affect your ability to be with family, to work lawfully in the U.S. whether temporarily or permanently, and/or your ability to start a new chapter in life. Or you may be a business owner or executive just needing the right people to make your business grow.

Exceptional Client Service: My goal is to provide you with consistent and personal VIP service. Your input is valuable about how we can do more to serve you better at any time along the way in our relationship together.  I have long lasting relationships with many of my clients, and my business depends upon those relationships for future referrals.

Effective Advocacy: As your voice, I zealously advocate your case by arguing to the government or courts why you qualify for a given benefit.  I also advocate for fair and just immigration reform locally and nationally, and I teach you how you can do the same.

Honesty: I will let you know if I anticipate problems with your case, the chances for success are weak, or if I cannot do anything for you. I try to anticipate all possible issues that can arise. I abide by the highest ethical standards.

Value: Fees are value based and payment terms are predictable as much as possible to meet your budget, often in the nature of flat fees for routine uncomplicated matters that are billed in stages of the case. With recent and frequent changes in forms, fees, policies ,and procedures, more of our cases are a combination of flat fee and hourly billing. For those matters that are not so predictable, you will have in writing a list of potential problems that could arise, if and when they do, that could add to the cost of your case. We discuss estimated fees and costs at the initial consultation. You will have a written legal services agreement explaining costs and fees and the scope of services to be provided. You will receive clear, concise and customized bills.

Efficiency:  You can participate in the firm’s online web portal to communicate with you in addition to having one-on-one in-person or phone meetings as needed. Clients have the option to use video conferencing. By leveraging technology, we can provide very competitive and cost efficient solutions compared to the big firms. Not into technology? We can still accommodate you.

Accessible:  We will keep you posted on the status of your case and answer your questions throughout the representation. Unlike other firms, you are not passed on to a non-lawyer for the balance of your project. Your attorney is your partner throughout the project even when non-attorney staff work on your case.

Transparent: Although we deal with a very complex area of law and procedures, we want you to be clear about what is being done for you so that you can understand what is required of you. We want to make sure that you understand potential outcomes and their ramifications.

How This Firm Differs from Other Firms

Many years of immigration practice expertise: Having watched the law become more and more difficult over three decades, I have a unique perspective about the practice of immigration law. I started my career as a government Trial Attorney handling deportation cases working for the former Immigration and Naturalization Service in Los Angeles, California. In addition, as an American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) member, I attend government-bar association liaison meetings. By having an appreciation for the government’s need to insure integrity in the immigration system, I look at cases from both points of view. This helps to better predict the government’s position.  I follow the highest ethical standards while providing effective solutions-oriented advocacy.

Leadership: I served for two years as Chapter Chair of the AILA Washington Chapter (AILAWA). I served on the AILAWA Executive Committee for four years, and I chaired a number of its committees.  As a leader of this specialty bar association, I promoted fairness in the immigration system, continuing education for immigration lawyers, and the highest ethical standards for attorneys in this field. I have encouraged attorneys to do pro bono work and helped to formulate an AILAWA partnership with OneAmerica to provide pro bono Citizenship Days around the State of Washington. I am active in AILAWA’s government liaison activities, including chairing and/or participating on consular, USCIS, and CBP committees, state legislative liaison, and with various coalition groups, among others, which helps me to better represent my clients.

Advocate for immigration reform: Working tirelessly with AILA colleagues and immigration advocacy groups, we have advocated to Congress, DHS and DOJ, and our state legislature for just and fair immigration laws, and consumer protection for our immigrant communities. In addition, I comment on proposed regulations and try to encourage my clients to do so, too. I educate my clients how they, too, can advocate for immigration reform. I have testified several times before the Washington state legislature on immigration related matters and have met with members of Congress to advocate for reform to our immigration laws.

Frequent writer and speaker on immigration issues: I have developed and participated in many continuing education programs over the years for immigration and non-immigration lawyers and trade groups. I am available for speaking and writing opportunities or other collaborations. I have published articles in bar publications and blog on immigration topics.

Business owner: As a business owner, I enjoy representing other business owners. I know that projects need to get done on budget and on time with the least amount of red tape. We listen to our employer clients to better understand their industries, operations and unique set of challenges. I enjoy meeting with our business clients at their facilities to learn more about their companies.

Family of immigrants and education abroad: My (former) in-laws and my grandparents immigrated to the U.S. I understand the complex reasons why and how immigrants come to America.  While in college, my studies took me to Bordeaux, France where I spent my junior year at university. I know what it’s like to be on your own in a foreign country. As a mother, I understand my clients’ concerns for their families’ welfare, and the importance of family unification, especially the need to protect our children.

I give back to my community:  I volunteer directly for a number of organizations that provide free legal services because I know that not everyone can afford to hire an attorney.