(Please note, every client has unique circumstances. Therefore, favorable outcomes, timing, and cost for the writers below are no prediction or guarantee of future success, timing or cost in your case.)


“If you need an immigration attorney in the Seattle Area who is honest, responsive, compassionate, and effective, you need to work with Bonnie. She handled my case quickly, and was accommodating to the personal circumstances my husband and I were in when we started. She worked with us, never left us feeling alone, and never wasted our time. I highly recommend Bonnie Stern Wasser.”

Estefania C. G. (2017)


“Bonnie Wasser provides professional assistance on a personal level. Her heart is in her work. She possesses confidence in her cases and is determined to accomplish her clients’ goals. We highly recommend her, and if need be, will be using her again. Couldn’t be more pleased.”

Sheila & David P. (2016)


“You guys did a great job handling my case. I’m very happy and satisfied.”

Ignacio M. (2016) – new citizen!


“I can highly recommend Bonnie to anyone who needs a lawyer with expertise in immigration issues. After my marriage to a Belgian national, she helped us through the process to get a green card with great skill, expert knowledge and complete professionalism. If I ever have immigration-related legal issues again, I would not hesitate to contact Bonnie for help.”

Kevin D. (2015)

“I was a bit intimidated by all the paperwork and steps necessary to take as my new wife and I got married and began the process of qualifying for the Green Card. The most important thing in my life was getting my wife a green card and beginning our new lives together here in this great country of ours…Although I had no complex issues, the paperwork and obstacles you must go thru are unbelievably hard… I just don’t know how anyone could and would want to navigate it alone without an expert at your side…What caught my attention was Bonnie’s “bringing families together” clause, so I hired Bonnie and she was worth every penny. Every step was identified clearly, all my responsibilities and deadlines were painlessly given to my wife and I, and we just gave [our documents] to Bonnie. All the hard work was done by Bonnie on time, as she said would happen, on the time frame she said would happen within the money she said I would pay, absolutely zero surprises I was not prepared for, which is what you hire a professional to begin with. I guess you could navigate thru this without a competent attorney by your side but why would you? The two inch stack of paperwork is a testament of how difficult paperwork can be… I am so glad that I hired Bonnie to do the hard work for me, great attorney, great service, great job… we are so grateful to you, Bonnie. Thank you for making a complex situation like getting a green card routine. You were more than we expected.”

Ret CSM US Army (2014)

“Bonnie is an outstanding immigration attorney. She kept us informed and put together a great file to plead our case. It is hard not to think of her as a friend.”

Lyle M. and Oday P. (2014)

“When I decided to move to the United States to marry, I was excited about starting life with my fiancé but I was intimidated by the process of obtaining a K-1 visa and Green Card. My fiancé and I chose Bonnie Stern Wasser to represent us before USCIS. Bonnie carefully considered our circumstances, provided helpful advice, prepared a thoroughly documented application, and was always available to answer questions.

We were reassured by Bonnie’s diligence, care, and professionalism, and we are pleased with the outcome of our case. We highly recommend Bonnie to anyone seeking guidance and representation in immigration law.”

Sun Z. (2014)

“We are so very satisfied with the Law Office of Bonnie Stern Wasser. We are a bi-national married couple…Bonnie set out immediately helping us to understand and comprehend all the negatives and positives in our case. We instantly felt confident and comfortable with her as an individual and as a lawyer. Bonnie was so thorough in our case and with all of our paperwork that when it came time for our interview…we felt there were few stones left un-turned. Our interview was brief…We could not have navigated the immigration process without her.”

Ido D. and Teva N. (2014)

“Bonnie Stern Wasser is an extraordinary immigration attorney, whose acuity and perception in analyzing my file led to a National Interest Waiver green card, a possibility that other very respected attorneys did not consider. Bonnie merges a deep knowledge of the law with genuine warmth and compassion. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Lorraine H.

“My husband and I were referred to Bonnie by Immigration Equality…a non-profit organization advocating for same-sex couples rights. Due to her ongoing association with Immigration Equality and her knowledge of current USCIS procedures we felt we were in good hands. Any questions we had she answered promptly and she was always available to guide us through the entire process. We have no hesitation in recommending Bonnie to others needing help with immigration issues.”

Stephen P. and Marco G. (2014)

“We hired Bonnie to work with us on our Immigration case. Following the DOMA case ruling, I wanted to sponsor my husband for a green card. Bonnie was very knowledgeable and was great to work with. I told my husband when we reviewed the large stack of forms and documents that she prepared for our case, ‘I’m glad we didn’t try to do this ourselves.’ Bonnie helped prepare us on what to expect from the process, the timeline from beginning to end and what to expect during the interview. I can’t imagine trying to do this without the assistance and support of an attorney like Bonnie.”

PL (2014)