Immigration and Firm News

The Trump Administration is cracking down on fraud and misrepresentation. The US Department of State (DOS) has updated its guidelines or policy in the Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM) concerning what activities are inconsistent with visa status that could give rise to a finding of fraud or misrepresentation in light of when those activities occur. Previously, the DOS used the "30/60/90-day rule." This rule said that there would be a presumption of fraud or misrepresentation if a person entered the … [Read more...]

Some great news for certain applicants seeking immigrant visas (permanent residence) at US consulates abroad who need waivers of inadmissibility for unlawful presence in the USA! Beginning August 29, 2016, more potential applicants will become eligible to file family unity provisional waivers (Form I-601A) for unlawful presence.  It is important to note that provisional waivers are merely a procedural remedy as to time and place for filing the waiver application and is not a statutory change … [Read more...]

Immigration lawyers and their clients have been waiting years for USCIS to issue some clarity on the meaning of "extreme hardship" required in many waiver applications.  Waivers are additional applications required where a person is found to be inadmissible for a visa or green card, or removable from the US.  Waivers are like exceptions to grounds of inadmissibility or removability. Some grounds do not permit any waivers at all. The most common type of waiver application is one which requires … [Read more...]