Immigration and Firm News

Drinking (or using drugs) and driving has huge consequences, whether you are an immigrant or a US citizen.  Aside from the obvious health and safety risks, financial cost, and emotional hardships to families, the following immigration consequences can happen. Non-US Citizens For immigrants, ICE has a policy of arresting people for DUIs (through detainers at jails) and confining defendants at immigration detention centers. You will be detained without bond!  It doesn't matter if you are … [Read more...] is the IP address for routers or ADSL modems like Linksys and other network brands. This is the entry address number of your modem. This IP address is set as input IP address for all modems through Worldwide. Or other options for the Modem default IP addresses and is the most commonly used IP address What can you do with IP address? By using this users can control all the device settings through online. When you connect … [Read more...]