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USCIS has finally released a long awaited policy memo about "Parole in Place" or PIP. PIP is a procedure that permits qualifying family members who entered the U.S. without inspection (EWI), who ordinarily would need to leave the US to process a family based green card abroad, to be able to apply for green cards (adjustment of status) in the U.S., provided USCIS agrees to "parole" the individual. At this Seattle immigration law firm, we have worked on these cases before, and have found the … [Read more...]

The Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) has put out a very useful FAQ on Selective Service registration and military enlistment rules for immigrants of all types (in legal status, not in legal status, permanent v. temporary residents, and DACA recipients). The FAQ also covers basic US citizen and dual citizen requirements. For more information, see also the Selective Service website. All males between 18 through 25 (i.e., under 26) must register for the Selective Service regardless of … [Read more...]

In an earlier post on Immigration Issues and the Military: Honoring our Veterans and Their Families, I focused on the citizenship benefits for active duty and honorably discharged service members including potential citizenship status on their descendants. This article focuses on how our immigration laws help, or don't help, the dependent family members of our servicemen and women. Help for Dependents of Military Service Personnel Today, many members of the military have spouses, children and … [Read more...]

How do our immigration laws help (or hurt) our members of the military and their families? There are several programs that expedite citizenship for those who have honorably served in the military. Other programs help families with lawful permanent residence (green cards) and expedited citizenship. This firm has had the honor to handle a number of military related immigration and citizenship cases. Even the show "Army Wives" has an episode devoted to the issue of immigration problems of a … [Read more...]