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Naturalization applicants are seeing longer waiting times for interview and testing. This is because employment based immigration cases now must be interviewed, and those are being scheduled along with family immigration and naturalization cases.  In addition, there are huge numbers of people applying to become citizens.  Applicants need to be prepared to be asked about their entire immigration history from their very first visa application, extensions, changes of stay requests, the green card … [Read more...]

On November 6, 2015, Seattle immigration lawyer, Bonnie Stern Wasser, will be speaking about Immigration Law at the Legal Assistance Training for Lawyers Assisting Military Personnel to be held at Seattle University over two days.  This is an annual program sponsored by the Washington State Bar Association Legal Assistance to Military Personnel Section put on in conjunction with the military JAG Corps.  This program is intended for those who support military personnel and veterans or who are … [Read more...]

Below are some alternatives for employers and current/prospective employees who were not selected for the H-1B cap cases for FY 2016 beginning October 1, 2015.  As mentioned in an earlier post, there were 233,000 applications for 85,000 slots! If you are among the two thirds of applicants who were rejected, there may be some other options available as described below.  Some of the options described below are for nationals of specified countries. They are highlighted to help employers focus on … [Read more...]

Here at the Seattle immigration Law Office of Bonnie Stern Wasser, we are committed to serving the men and women in uniform and their families.  On this Veterans Day, we take pride in honoring our clients who are serving or who have served in the military, and the organizations that we assist in their help for military families.  In 2014, I have had the pleasure to serve on the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Military Assistance Project (MAP) Task Force.  The Task Force oversees … [Read more...]

Seattle Immigration Attorney, Bonnie Stern Wasser, will be a speaker about immigration law and the military at the upcoming September 10-11, 2014 Washington State Bar Association training for military Judge Advocate Generals (JAG). This two-day seminar will be held in Seattle, Washington and is hosted by the Legal Assistance to Military Personnel Section of the Washington State Bar Association.  The program, Military Legal Assistance APR 8(g) Training CLE, is specially designed for military and … [Read more...]