Immigration and Firm News

USCIS has released a new website page called "MyE-Verify" where employees can check their database records to verify work authorization. MyE-Verify is presently available in Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Mississippi, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.  This should be useful for all job seekers when looking for work, as more employers use E-Verify to document the work permission of their new hires.  The website includes the ability to do Self-checks, which includes instructions on what to do if … [Read more...]

Many employers are considering whether to voluntarily sign up for E-Verify, the government's electronic database to verify employment authorization and Social Security numbers. Use of E-Verify is voluntary for most employers but not for those residing in states or counties where it is mandatory. It is also mandatory for certain federal contractors, those employers wanting to hire STEM graduates for the longer Optional Practical Training period, and for some employers where E-Verify is mandatory … [Read more...]