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CBP Issues I-94 Examples and Options for Government Agencies

I mentioned in my earlier blog post, I-94 Automation Begins: What you need to know, that US Customs and Border Patrol started implementation of its new automated I-94 system. I-94s are a key document used to verify lawful status in the US. It is used to apply for drivers licenses in many states as well as to apply for Social Security numbers, government benefits and immigration extensions and change of stay, as well as adjustment of status for permanent residence.

In that post I advised that nonimmigrants that enter the US through this process should make sure they download a copy of their I-94s before leaving the US to have a copy for their own records or in case of hiring an attorney because the data will not be accessible after departure. I also predicted various government agencies may not recognize the new I-94s. CBP has now published a document with examples of the types of I-94s that are out there, which will hopefully be more useful to relevant agencies and nonimmigrants seeking the benefits noted above. Having a copy of this new CBP document on hand while applying at a local, state or federal agency should help as well.