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How to Handle the issues Faced in IP Addresses? IP Configuration:

For diving into a configuration of a router, all you need to do is enter admin login IP address provided to you. For private networks, it is When you enter this address in the address bar of your browser, a window will pop up on your screen. It will be titled ‘Authentication Required’. All you got to do is enter your username and password. As soon as you do that, a window displaying all the configuration settings menu will appear on your screen. Login is not only used for configuring router but can also be used for troubleshooting network.

If you wish, you can even change the IP address ( IP) of your device. To change the IP address, again you will have to enter the original IP address in your browser window. Click on LAN settings and change the IP according to your preference. Once you are done with that, now you would have to select DHCP settings and change the IP address here as well. And done!

The default username and password for admin login vary from brand to brand. Most of them use keyword- ‘admin’ for a username as well as password. Alcatel and Thomson modem/routers happen to use keyword – ‘blank’ as password and keyword – ‘Administrator’ as its default username. A company named OvisLink’s modems have their own versions of username and password. They use keyword- ‘admin’ as username and keyword- ‘airlive’ for a password.

How to Reset Forgot WiFi Router Password?

What happens if you forget your password to your network connection. Nothing much, proceed with the following steps:

  • Firstly, switch off the router
  • Long press the reset button present at the rear panel of the device.
  • You will need a pointed object like a needle or compass to press the button.
  • Now you have to switch on the router.
  • But you need to keep in mind not to release the button.
  • Keep long pressing the reset button for about 5- 10 seconds even after switching on the router.
  • Now, slowly release the reset button. Patiently wait for a device to restart, do not hastily press the button again if you don’t get results immediately.
  • The final step is to connect your computer to the device through an Ethernet cable or wireless network.

How to Handle the issues Faced in IP Addresses?

There are some steps which can be taken to resolve the issues faced in the implementation of IP addresses. This involves restoring your router to default factory settings which can solve out any problem being faced. Running the ipconfig also helps in getting the default IP address of the router.

You can check if the network masking is configured in a proper manner and if possible set the IP address of your router as Many net problems also occur when the Internet connection is not proper, If possible connect your system directly with your router through LAN cable instead of using the Wi-Fi signals. There are many ways in which the problem of IP address can be managed which make it worth the efforts that you have paid.