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KIK For PC App Download For Windows 7/8/10 – 6 Ways With Pictures

KIK FOR PC is a social media app founded in 2009 and currently developed by KIK Interactive. It is one of the most comprehensive and feature loaded social media app which leaves its competitors in the dust.

KIK For Windows Computer allows people to connect with each other seamlessly without any issues. KIK for PC App is for phones only, but there are some tricks and tips to use it on your computer! Some simple tinkering and know-how can allow you to use the application on your desktop in no time.


As I said earlier, KIK Messenger won’t directly work on windows. You need to install an emulator on your computer and run the application via that emulator. I’ll tell you exactly what to do, step by step. To put it in a layman’s language, emulators emulate a particular device. An Android emulator recreates a virtual phone on your computer. You can use this virtual phone to play games or to use different applications.

6 Ways To Download KIK For PC – With Pictures

There are several ways to Download KIK For PC. I will outline top 6 ways to get KIK Messenger for your Windows PC.


First of all, you have to download the blue stacks app from THIS LINK. Once you are on their site, navigate and click on “Download Bluestacks 3” The download should begin now. Once you have downloaded it, install it, the installation will take some time.

Let the installation process take its time.

KIK Messenger FOR PC

After the installation, the app will ask you select a language, put in your google email ID, just like on an android phone. Follow the set-up as given.


You’re now inside the app. Go ahead click on the search bar in the top right corner. Put in the word “KIK FOR PC.” After that, just hit “Visit Google Play.”

The app will now search the play store for KIK FOR PC, just like the Play store on your phone. You will see the KIK App, now click on install. Accept the permission requests as usual. After successfully installing KIK FOR PC, you can now sign up or log in! Have fun!

Method 2: Download KIK For PC With Bluestacks (APK Version)

Now, some of you may not feel safe searching on the play store, no problem, I got you covered. This method is an alternative way to install the KIK FOR PC app on the Blue stacks emulator; it does not use the Play store. It uses an APK.


Follow the steps given in the first method and install Blue Stacks on your Windows PC. Next, head on over to google, search for the keywords “KIK FOR PC messenger APK download” or Download it Here. Make sure that it is the latest version and after downloading it, scan it for viruses. Remember the directory where you save the APK file; you will need it while installing.


After the APK file has finished downloading, open Blue Stacks. Look in the bottom right direction, Click on “install APK.” Find the directory you installed it in and double-click it.

Voila! You have successfully downloaded KIK FOR PC on your computer. You can now login or signup to chat with your friends. Have fun using KIK Messenger For PC!

Method 3: Download KIK Messenger For PC With Leapdroid

Leapdroid is one of the best emulators you can get for Android. The touchscreen is properly implemented on the keyboard so you can navigate well even while using your keyboard. Nox App Player allows you to enjoy applications and games on better, cleaner resolutions. Leapdroid is a good alternative to Blue stacks as some of the steps are similar. Leapdroid would be ideal for running KIK FOR PC.


First things first, you need to download Leapdroid, Download it Here.

Once Leapdroid has finished downloading, double-click to install it. It may take a little time as it is a relatively large application. Have patience and let it finish.


After it has finished installing, fire it up, and you will see the interface below. Reasonably straightforward, all you have to do is the double tap on the Play store. You can use any other application on Leapdroid.
KIK Online


Double tap on the Play store and it will ask you for your permission and your Google email ID. You need to put these in to move forward. After getting past these, click on the search bar and type in “KIK FOR PC.” You will see the following screen.


In the same manner, as you would install the application on an android phone, click on install. Click accept and let the download begin. After the installation has finished, you may open and start using KIK For Windows to chat with your friends!

Method 4: Download KIK For PC With ANDY

An alternative to Blue Stacks is Andy. It is one of the best android emulators today. It provides a seamless and fast experience for Android on your desktop PC. Andy offers a free service. Please make sure your computer meets the system requirements to run Andy.

You need a system above Windows 7/8 3GB of RAM and 10GB disk space. Once you have the above requirements, you can run KIK For Computer! Andy is free to use and extremely fast. It is available for free, but the installation takes time.


Look up the official website using Google or click here. Scroll down, and you’ll find a download button next to a robot. Click on it, and you will reach a different page, and the download will begin.


Andy’s installation takes a lot of time so don’t worry about it not working. An hour or so later, the download will finish. During the installation, Andy.exe might ask you if you wish to download Byteforce Anti-virus and Yahoo! Services.


After the installation, Open the Play store as usual and search for KIK For PC. Install it as you would normally.
Enjoy using one of the best emulators for android, KIK FOR PC will now work on your PC without problems.