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NEXUS and SENTRI Users Can use Global Entry Kiosks

In an earlier blog post, Hate Lines? CBP Announces Expansion of Global Entry Pilot Program, one of several trusted traveler programs, Global Entry, is discussed that enable frequent travelers to expedite entry into the U.S. But there are others, including NEXUS and SENTRI. NEXUS is a U.S.-Canada program for frequent trusted travelers between the U.S. and Canada. SENTRI is a another U.S.-Mexico program for other frequent trusted travelers. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced that starting December 29, 2010, NEXUS and SENTRI card holders can use the Global Entry kiosks set up at selected airports mentioned in the earlier post. NEXUS and SENTRI card holders will be able to use the Global Entry kiosks for the remaining time available on their existing cards, and once NEXUS or SENTRI status is renewed, the kiosks can be used for the extended period of time. However, before using the Global Entry kiosks, NEXUS and SENTRI holders need to log online to their accounts on the CBP Global Online Enrollment System (GOES), make the request for Global Entry access and then wait for confirmation from CBP that they are permitted to use Global Entry kiosks. Once approved, NEXUS and SENTRI holders will have to meet the same declaration requirements as regular Global Entry users, mentioned in the earlier post, concerning bringing in commercial goods, agricultural products, currency and other related declarations. See the CBP website for more information on NEXUS, SENTRI, GOES and Global Entry. The new process is detailed in a Federal Register notice and allows users or potential users to send in comments to CBP. All of the programs have elaborate security checks, filing fees and zero to little tolerance for any mistakes. In addition, participating countries also run security checks. Applicants must be willing to provide fingerprints and photos.