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Bonnie Participates in Virtual Round Table on Immigration Law-the Americas 2016

I am pleased to announce my participation in the newly released virtual round table,  Immigration Law – the Americas 2016 produced by Corporate Live Wire.  (The previous link may require a login that is free.) This is the second time I have participated in these round tables.  The round table involves a number of immigration lawyers from different jurisdictions discussing Q&As about immigration trends in the US and the Americas such as:

  • Impact of globalization on immigration trends;
  • Main regulators and legislation applying to immigration law;
  • Recent regulatory changes and interesting developments;
  • Whether a business can send an employee to work in the jurisdiction if there is an urgent business need, and how quickly they can start working;
  • What the different options are available to employees or individuals looking to relocate;
  • Current labor market considerations in our jurisdiction;
  • What skill shortages exist in our jurisdiction;
  • Immigration implications relating to foreign investors setting up a company in our jurisdiction;
  • Penalties and restrictions for non-compliance with immigration regulations; and
  • Key trends expected in the coming year and in an ideal world, what should be implemented or changed.  Let me know what you think of the discussion.

I am interested in your feedback. A version of the round table in .pdf format is here: CorpLiveWire 2016 Immigration.