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Welcome To The Site Of Xbox360Online

Play your favorite Xbox 360 games on your Mobile Based Phone Now! The Xbox 360 emulator for android is the ultimate Xbox 360 emulation app on the internet!

Today we are proud to announce the latest release of our Xbox 360 Android Emulator which is accessible from any browser online, right through your android device. The emulator was designed specifically for mobile phones since the number of people switching to mobile games has increased dramatically in the past years. Plus, we’re giving back to the gaming community as well as making yours and our dreams come true.

Xbox 360 Emulator Android

Our team has been developing and working on this application for the past 10 months which ultimately became the only project we were focusing our time on. With this, came a ton of problems, crashing issues, errors, glitches.. you name it and it happened. It definitely wasn’t easy getting Xbox 360 games to play on most android phones all while online. We’ve released 2 other beta versions in the past 4 months to our friends and some members of the gaming community and after collecting all the data and feedback, we can say this latest version is bug-free and works with no issue.

Our lead site designer teamed up with our main coder plus the rest of our team and managed to build a c++ app to work through any browser and integrate it with PHP coding. With that being said, we were able to use a caching and recompilation method that mimics a CPU directly emulating the Xbox 360 on your phone. This Xbox 360 Emulator For Android allows you to play all 360 games that were ever made.

Don’t worry about finding games 

This is a feature that makes us stand out amongst the rest of the emulators on the web including Nox App Player. We don’t require you to download anything as long as you have an internet connection. All of the Xbox 360 Games are integrated through our database. We knew the hassle of trying to find a working Xbox 360 games online without loads of malware or viruses so it was vital that we created an app that provides the titles without having to do the searching your self. If we don’t have a title that you’re looking for, you’ll need to find the “.ISO” file online and load it up through the online emulator.

Once you verify your device, you will have access to the online emulator which will look identical to that of the Xbox 360. Don’t worry about having storage on your device to save progress on games, because once you register, you get 2 Gigabytes of storage to save any game you wish. Now if you don’t have internet all the time, you will be able to download any title and play it straight off of your phone or tablet HD (This is assuming you have enough space).

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of android do I need? 

In order to play a majority of the games that are connected through the database, you’ll need Jelly Bean Version 4.1.0 or higher installed on your phone. The version was released in 2012, so as long as you have a newer phone, it will work with no issues.

Do I need a BIOS to run the games?

BIOS is short for Basic Input and Output System and this is basically a log file that contains codes which tell you how to make the game function correctly. This was our second main issue when creating the emulator, but we have good news regarding the bios part. We were able to implement the BIOS through the Xbox 360 Emulator Android directly which made it so nobody has to find it online.

Phone requirements (minimal system configuration):

Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, Android Jelly Bean Version 4.1.0 Or Higher


Features Included:

 Excellent framerate (30+ fps) with vSync

 Fast load times (due to the game pause/resume feature)

 Can load/save your in-game progress

 Supports Most Android phones

Supports low processor

 Improved memory consumption

 DX9/DX11 Mode

 Available For Free

 Dedicated user support


Why Use the Xbox 360 Android Emulator:

– Best in class product support

– Lightest hardware requirements

– Regular updates and bug fixes

– Works on a wide range of Phones

– New changelog

– Latest updated version from April 2017

– and more!