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Supremes Nix DOMA: New Era for Bi/Dual-National Immigrant Couples

I’m on my way to the American Immigration Lawyers Association Conference in San Francisco and just read that the US Supreme Court in Hollingsworth v. Perry nixed section 3 of DOMA as well as Prop 8 in the Windsor case (at least as to standing to be in court). I’ll be going through the decisions over the next few days. Already, our phones are ringing off the hook with couples who have been waiting for this historic moment for years. More to follow, as I’m sure there will be several gatherings at the conference to mull over the myriad of legal issues sure to follow. The main message, though, is that just as for heterosexual couples, just being able to lawfully marry is NOT a guarantee of ability to lawfully immigrate. And neither decision means that every state in the US must recognize same-sex marriage. There are many issues to consider and careful planning and a thorough analysis for each couple is a must. Our Seattle based immigration law firm handles these types of cases. Stay tuned and check out the firm Facebook page for additional updates as well as