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USCIS Proposes Major Fee Increases For Applications

Today, 5/4/16, USCIS issued a proposed notice of application fee increases in the Federal Register. The notice will have a 60-day comment period and then review and issuance of a final rule some time thereafter. The average proposed fee increase is 21%. That’s an average, as in some applications are going up less and others are going up more – way more. If you have been holding back filing an application for fee reasons, you might consider filing sooner rather than later.
Here are a few of the proposed fee increases (without the $85 biometrics fee that will stay the same):
I90 replacement green card – from $365-$455
I129 Nonimmigrant worker base fees – from $325-$460
I129F Fiance(e) petitions: from $340-$535
I130 Petition for relative – from $420 to $535
I131 travel document: from $360-$575 – a 60% increase!
I140 immigrant worker: from $580 to $700
I485 adjustment of status – from $985 to $1140
I526 immigrant entrepreneur: from $1500 to $3675! 145% inc.
I765 work permits: from $380 to $410
I751 petition to remove conidtions: From $505 to $595
I924 EB-5 regional center designation: from $6230 to $17,795!
I-924A Annual Regional center report – from zero to $3035!
N400 Naturalization – from $595 to $640
N600/k Certificates of Citizenship – from $600 to $1170! 95%!!
Waivers of various types – from $585 to $930! (provisional waivers from $585 to $630)
Immigrant visa fee – from $165-$220!
If you would like to send in your comments starting tomorrow, you can email them to: Include “DHS Docket No. USCIS-2016-0001” in the subject
line of the message.
Updated 5/4/16 with link to the Federal Register above in the first paragraph.